The Stearman Blend
The Stearman Blend

A bold, blended coffee developed by Carey Hardin, a Stearman pilot. This flavorful blend of two beans grown half a world apart at altitudes frequented by the aviators and aircraft that inspired this unique blend. Recommended for those with the … Continued

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High Point Roasters New Albany MS
Toasted Coconut

  Available only as ground coffee (not whole bean)

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This traditional Japanese green tea with toasted rice is often served in restaurants. Now you can enjoy its robust, nutty and savory flavors at home.
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Toddy Cold Brew System
Toddy Cold Brew System

Now you can create a ‘coffeehouse’ coffee – served steaming hot or iced cold, and in the comfort of your home – for much less than expensive signature coffee drinks! As important as those fresh roasted beans are to your … Continued

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Viennese Blend

Our Viennese Blend is a perfect fusion of complex African, earthy Indonesian,  and rich Central American coffees.   This unique concoction will stimulate your taste buds and have you asking for another cup.

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